Northridge, California – While more universities decide to make the College Board-administrated
SAT and ACT tests optional, academic leaders from both University of California (UC) and
California State University (Cal State) recently began studying how these standardized test scores
were used in the admissions process and whether they accurately served as valid predictors of
college success.
More than 1,000 universities and colleges no longer require the test results for admission. Critics
have argued that socially and economically disadvantaged students can barely afford any
expensive test preparation.
In fact, any change made by the University of California and California State University will
dramatically affect the American higher education landscape. The two systems educate more
than 72,000 students from every state in the country.
北嶺 加尼福尼亞州 — 正當更多的美國大學決定高中生申請入學時,可以不再提交SAT或者ACT成績,
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