Flushing, New York City – Even though many college campuses have some semblance of “Greek
life,” it is , one of the four-year senior colleges in the City University of New York system, that has
initiated and boasted The Hellenic American Project. Since October 2016, this project has
digitalized, documented and researched the Greek American living experience. This project
solicits quantitative data from federal surveys, social science references, community resources,
publications and related manuscripts.

The current Census shows there are 1.31 million Americans whose ancestors are Greek.
Nationally, more than three-fifths of Greek Americans are in the labor force. The Borough of
Queens in New York City has the largest Greek American enclave in the country. The student body
at Queens College also contains the most students of Greek ancestry in the nation.

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法拉盛 紐約市 — 雖然在許多美國大學校園都有一些「希臘味」,但是「希臘裔美國人」研究計畫,是

目前的聯邦人口普查顯示,全美共有一百一十萬人有希臘血統,而且他們之中66.9% 的人都在工作。紐


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