1. Name of Company or Institution;
2. Address, telephone, fax number, and email address;
3. Company’s Federal Employer’s ID Number (IRS Tax number);
4. Date business formed;
5. Description of employer’s business activities (nature of employer’s business activity or
products, provide a copy of company brochure or annual report, if available, not necessary if
available online);
6. Current number of employees (U.S. and worldwide) and how many of them are currently
holding H-1B visa;
7. If the Company is a new business, provide the initial capitalization and letter of intent to
cooperate from major prospective clients;
8. If the Company is a not-for-profit organization, provide annual operation budget and any
evidence that shows it is a not-for-profit organization, i.e. Certificate of Incorporation, etc.;
9. Employer’s Gross and Net annual income (U.S. and worldwide) ;
10. If the U.S. entity does not have a positive net income, how will the employer guarantee
payment of the alien’s salary;
11. Position (title and detailed duties);
12. Rate of pay ( salary offered to beneficiary).


1. Resume;
2. If the alien is in the U.S.:
– Copy of passport biographic page;
– Copy of Form I-94 (both sides);
3. Copy of All I-20 Forms;
4. Copy of the beneficiary’s Employment Authorization Card (both sides), if any;
5. Educational documentation:
– Copy of Diploma/Degree obtained in U.S., including transcripts;
– Evaluation of degrees obtained in foreign countries, including transcripts;
6. Provide information regarding any previous stay in the United States (including immigration
status and dates.)

– Copy of birth certificate.

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