Family-Based Immigration

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Family-Based Immigration

Chinese Family-Based Immigration Lawyer in New York City

When you are a U.S. citizen, either born or naturalized, you may have the right to sponsor a loved one to live and work in the United States. Should you obtain this permission, they may also be eligible to become permanent residents. Family immigration petitions may include spouses, parents, siblings, and children whether married or not. Family petitions may also be filed if you are a Green Card holder, but only when the family member is an unmarried child or spouse.

The process for a family sponsorship can be time-consuming, and confusing. Because there is a financial responsibility to the person whom you are sponsoring, it is imperative you speak with a qualified immigration attorney before beginning the application process to ensure the petition has a better chance of succeeding.

Because our practice focuses on immigration law, we stay updated on all recent legislative and political changes which could impact your petition. We can help you with all the required paperwork which will minimize the chances of a denial of your petition due to inaccuracies or missing paperwork.
If you are considering sponsoring a family member for entry to the U.S. or adjust their status to permanent residence, regardless of where you are located, contact us and let us help. We are glad to put our years of experience with immigration issues to work on your behalf.
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